Lacrimas Profundere (GER)

Melanchólia, smútok a temná gotika.
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Lacrimas Profundere (GER)

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Lacrimas Profundere - Hope Is Here (2016)






Year : 2016
Style : Gothic Metal , Gothic Rock
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 157 mb


Lacrimas Profundere is a gothic metal band from Germany. Their name means "to shed tears" in Latin. Their stylistic aesthetic has changed over time; originally a death doom rooted gothic metal band, they have simplified their style to a more mainstream gothic rock style with the later albums.24 Countries! more than 100,000 albums sold! and countless headliner tours!lets have a look over 20 years of Goth Metal.Lacrimas have played throughout Europe, with (amongst others,) some of the greatest names of the Gothic scene, Paradise lost, The 69 Eyes, Lacuna Coil, and Apocalyptica, to mention but a few. They have also shared the stage with such greats as "Type O Negative", "OZZY" and "Marilyn Manson" on some of the biggest European festivals like MERA LUNA, SUMMERBREEZE, ROCK HARZ, WACKEN, WGT, ARTmania and the Szignet to an enthralled Audience.With their exceptional mixture of melancholy and gothic, paired with the rock and metal influences of the individual members, Lacrimas Profundere managed with "AVE END" to create a milestone in the harder Goth-Rock genre, and with the Album "FILTHY NOTES FOR FROZEN HEARTS" produced by von John Fryer - (HIM, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Paradise Lost, etc,) they managed to establish themselves firmly in the scene.With this they were able to find themselves in the German charts and were played Worldwide on International rock and indie radiostations,Also with the support of the US- Jackass star BAM MAGERA, who played the complete album during his MTV show "Bams unholy Union" to a worldwide audience, another rung was attained on the ladder of success that should not be overlooked.As firmly established Goth-Greats, and with the album "SONGS FOR THE LAST VIEW" featuring the charismatic voice of new singer ROB VITACCA ,the band then continued to polish their trademark style. This album also developed into a chart success and after 75 concerts in 2008 alone it went further in 2009 to the bands first performances in Russia, Belgium and England amongst other festival appearances, and a month long European tour was also completed.Whilst the German National Tv Station ZDF graced the Monday thriller "NACHTSCHICHT UND DAS TOTE MÄDCHEN" with the song "And gods ocean"the Musicians broke out with their heavy riff and rock orientated album "THE GRANDIOSE NOWHERE" to back up their first World Tour.Headlining in South America, Holland, Spain and Greece, an appearance in Wacken, and the biggest adventure uptil now, their First Tour through China, they laid the foundations to being the inventors of Rock n Sad.The new album entiteled "ANTIADORE" (release date 24.05.2013), featuring guest composer Ricky Warwick, and recorded in the WELTRAUM STUDIOS in Munich with CORNI BARTELS (END OF GREEN).Pre-production took place in finland with Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes) and the mastering took place in the "ANTFARM STUDIOS" in Denmark with Tue Madsen (Moonspell, Heaven Shall Burn, The Haunted).The Rock n Sad Crew are Back with a vengence!! and one can see just by the names involved that its going to be anything but a shallow Gothic offering, here the metal reigns together with the individual, and for Lacrimas profundere, typical haunting melodies.iv for the upcoming Album release there is going to be a small tour in specially selected venues including lots of specials, and naturally all the new songs which will be presented for the first time live on stage. and for those that turn up at a concert with the new album, they will recieve a special 10% discount on all merchandising articles!


I will admit to being a novice when it comes to Gothic rock. I know a few of the big names, but I have rarely thrown myself into anything that calls itself Gothic. I'm not sure exactly why that is, since there isn't anything about the music that would inherently deter me, but I've been trying to rectify that this year. Lacrimas Profundere is the third Gothic album I have covered on this site in 2016, and with this being their first concept album, I think it's safe to say that raises the stakes a bit. Gothic concepts can bring to mind any number of visions of horror and darkness, but that is going to be hard to translate through music. Concept albums are never as successful as the artists want them to be, because there is simply no way of conveying an entire story in the limited number of lyrics on a record.Lacrimas Profundere's recipe doesn't exactly lend itself to the scope of a concept album. They play a perfectly fine brand of melancholy rock, but their range of sounds is limited, so there isn't anything about the music itself that would lead you to think this is more than an average record. Every song has the same ringing minor chords and dramatic half-sung vocals, all of which blends together by the middle of the album. For being a story, the 'chapters' aren't at all apparent through the uniform sound of the songs.But that's a question of structure. What about the actual music?Well, that's not exactly something that fares all that much better. The band is good at getting across the sound of despair, but that's about all they do well. I understand that not every guitar-based band is going to play big, hooky riffs, but the musical backdrops on these tracks are wholly anonymous. There is little to anything about these instrumentals that will ever be memorable. The chords are strummed, but never in any rhythms that deviate in a way that's interesting. It's faceless music that could be interchangeable with any other song on the record, or with plenty of other bands trying the same thing.That could be salvaged with a vocal performance that hooks the listener, but that's not the case here either. The vocals are that stereotypical sound for Gothic rock that sounds like someone trying to be cool, who doesn't realize that he sounds like the creepy guy in his 30s hanging out at a high school. There's no energy to the performance, and the melodies are too flat to grip me. It's that kind of melodic where it's assumed that anything that is smooth must be good, and that certainly is not the case. Here's a tip: try singing along with any of these songs. The experience is completely boring. If the melody is boring, the song is usually going to be below par.Take all of that, and add in the fact that without the lyric sheet in front of me, I can't tell you the first detail of the story, and you get an album that is a horrible disappointment. It's not grand, it's not memorable, and it's not even all that Gothic. This year's album from The 69 Eyes is a far better example of how to do Gothic rock the right way. This album might be striving, but it's reaching up from the bottom of a deep hole. I'm sorry to say it, but this is, to apologize for the pun, profoundly disappointing.

Line Up:

Oliver Nikolas Schmid Guitars (lead) (1993-present) - See also: ex-Reborn Z, ex-Dark Eternity
Tony Berger Guitars (2005-present) - See also: ex-Cydonian, A_liFe [DivideD], My Only Dive Inn, Nightingale
Rob Vitacca Vocals (lead) (2007-present) - See also: Beyond That Window, Lost, Toni Hoffmann Band
Clemens Schepperle Bass (2013-present)
Christop Schepperle Drums (2013-present)


01. The Worship of Counting Down 06:20
02. My Halo Ground 03:05
03. Hope Is Here 03:43
04. Aramis 03:31
05. A Million Miles 04:26
06. No Man's Land 03:24
07. Pageant 03:55
08. You, My North 04:26
09. Awake 03:54
10. The Path of Broken Homes 01:20 instrumental
11. Timbre 03:16
12. Black Moon 04:24

+ Video "Hope Is Here Witch" (Official Video)

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