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Innocent - Innocent (1997) (Japan Edition 1998)

Napísané: 24 Máj 2022, 14:29
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Innocent - Innocent (1997) (Japan Edition 1998)







Year : 1997 (Japan Edition 1998)
Style : Melodic Hard Rock
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 125 mb


Innocent was a project composing of David Sikes, along with Jesse Bradman and Bob Gilles and David's Boston bandmate Curly Smith.Innocent released one self-titled album in 1997.David, Jesse and Bob joined forces again in 1999 to form a new project called Jesse's Powertrip, who released one album titled Not So Innocent.

Jesse Bradman - Singer, keyboardist, songwriter and producer Jesse Bradman played and/or recorded with numerous bands including Eddie Money, Night Ranger, UFO, Aldo Nova, Poison and Saints & Sinners. He plays keyboards on Michael Schenker Group's 1998 CD "The Unforgiven". He sang on solo projects for Richie Kotzen, Marty Friedman and Jeff Watson.

William "Curly" Smith was born in Wolf Point, Big Sky country of Montana, USA on January 31, 1952. He started playing guitar, drums and singing by the time he was 12 years old and picked up the harmonica at 14. Prior to his 20th birthday, he began classical piano lessons, adding yet another instrument to his growing repertoire. Working in various bands in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana, he honed his skills before joining Jo Jo Gunne in California, an offshoot of the classic rock group Spirit.After Jo Jo Gunne, Curly worked as session drummer with a variety of artists in Los Angeles, London and Miami, including Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Branford Marsalis, The Monkees, Joe Walsh, Warren Zevon, Brian Auger, Sam Kinison, Billy Idol, Willie Nelson, Ron Wood, Dickie Betts, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Browne, Ian Hunter, and many more.In the 1980's Curly played with Spirit.He joined Boston, and toured and recorded with the band from 1994 to 2001.


The first and so far last album of this great melodic hard rock band.The band's bass player, David Sykes, played vocals and bass on Boston's 4th album "Walk On" and best of album "Greatest Hits", and Curly Smith on drums had played with Boston, and Jesse Bradman (VO, KEY), who was involved with Night Ranger before the reunion. Jesse Bradman (VO, KEY), who was involved with the Night Ranger before the reunion.The sound is very different from Boston, but it is the coolest melodic hard rock.I recommend the third track, "Love Is No Stranger", which has a very cool guitar riff at the beginning and the chorus is very melodic and easy to remember.The first track, "Say It Ain't True", is another cool hard rock number, while the fifth track, "Hands Of Time (Angie)", is a sad ballad and the seventh track, "These The seventh track, "These Are The Words", is an intriguing ballad with a piano solo at the start.Marty Friedman : Guitar solo on "Some Kinda Lady" "Say It Ain't True" Jeff Watson : Guitar solo on "These Are The Words" "Eyes Of A Stranger" Brad Gilles : All Guitars on hidden track & "Love Ain't Pretty" is also a guest on this track.For those who enjoyed The Saints and Sinners album should check this guys out,theyre in a similar style but lack the class of the previous mentioned band,still... its a pretty enjoyable album with some cool rockers and nice ballads.Each track is as enjoyable as the next and the choruses are so huge that you will be singing them for weeks after just one listen. If you have found yourself buying releases by bands such as Boston, Aldo Nova and Night Ranger over the last few years then this CD is right up your alley, quality hard melodic rock.


Jesse Bradman - lead vocals, keyboards - See also: ex-Jesse's Powertrip, ex-Eddie Money, ex-Night Ranger, ex-UFO, ex-Aldo Nova, ex-Poison, ex-Saints & Sinners
Bob Gilles - Acoustic And Electric Guitars, Vocals - See also: ex- Firefly, ex-Jesse's Powertrip
David Sikes - Five String Bass, Guitars, Percussion, Vocals - See also: ex-Giuffria, ex-Kid Courage, ex-Jesse's Powertrip
William "Curly" Smith - Drums, Percussion, Vocals - See also: ex-Boston, ex-Jay Ferguson


Additional Guitars - Tony Scarpa, Dwight Devereaux
Additional Drums on hidden track - Tim Gehrt


Produced by Jesse Bradman and David Sikes
Recorded and Engineered by Tony Scarpa at Juggler's Vein Studios
Additional Engineering by David Sikes at Yikes It's Sikes Studios
Mixed by The Innocent, Tony Scarpa, Bill Cutler


01. Say It Aint True
02. Pray For The Rain
03. Love Is No Stranger
04. Walk That Walk
05. Hands Of Time (Angie)
06. Some Kinda Lady
07. These Are The Words
08. Eyes Of A Stranger
09. Why Do We Kill
10. Love Ain't Pretty
11. Carry The Torch
12. White Boy's Dream (As Secret Track) (Bonus Track)

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