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MeatWagon (CAN)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 04 Mar 2022, 07:03

MeatWagon - Left With Nothing (1996)






Year : 1996
Style : Thrash Metal
Country : Canada
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 103 mb


Meatwagon was formed in Victoria B.C. in 1994.Rare Canadian Metal from Victoria, B.C.Annihilator's touring band through the King of the Kill & Refresh the Demon albums.If you are a fan of Pantera, Overkill, Metallica and Annihilator you will love MeatWagon!Meatwagon was formed in Victoria B.C. in 1994. Lou Bujdoso, Dave "X" Machander and Andy Tehmer formed the first lineup and released the self titled 7 song cassette. In 1996 Annihilator's Dave "the Glove" Davis replaced Andy on guitar and Left With Nothing was released. This great Canadian power trio, was also involved in Jeff Water's Annihilator during King of the Kill & Refresh the Demon CD's.


Very rare album.Meatwagon's Left with Nothing is one of the most obscure '90s castoffs I've come across regarding the Canadian thrash metal scene. Consisting of some Annihilator alumni (this album's entire lineup was involved with Annihilator in some way or another at the time of recording), the closest parallel on paper that I can draw would be Random Damage. And yup, this is '90s thrash at its most... capable? With a moderate dose of brooding groove injected into a clearly Megadeth-influenced template, this band might actually be a worthy alternative to Mustaine's then-waning powerhouse, at least if you appreciate albums like Cryptic Writings. It's stolid, moderately sludgy mid-tempo thrash with occasional deviations into more experimental territory typical of the period.The late Dave Machander drew me to this band initially, and I can't say that it's a total loss. Lou Bujdoso has a resonant, gritty vocal tone pursuant to succeeding on such a front, and the band does pull off the vocal-centric, musing sections fairly coherently, even though the production seems tailor made to accentuate the drums over the guitars. The pluggy, rather upfront bass slices out a decent size of sonic real estate at times, ala '90s Overkill, but the band begins to stumble when technicality is required. Solos are scarce but do have a loose, bluesy gait to them that adds some lasting power. Still, the dearth of coherent leadwork and insistence on locking into putrid, weightless '90s groove hurts the band more than it helps.Whether or not Left with Nothing is even worth tracking down is a tough question to answer. As a regular listener of these musicians' other acts, it's interesting to see how they attempted to branch out during the sonic wasteland that was the mid-'90s thrash scene, but this album ends up falling somewhere in the middle of the pack. While Overkill's Killing Kind (a close parallel at times) had the benefit of a five-digit production budget, Meatwagon were forced to self-produce, and it really hurts these thrash/groove acts when the guitar tone is so piss-poor weak. "Institute of Revenge" has some brooding, "Soulitude"-esque moments of memorability, and the title track has some balls along with "Out of Your Mind," but the rest lands like a glove slap to the face as opposed to a hefty weighted right hook with a steel gauntlet. Not terrible, but you'll live if you pass this one up. Still, kudos to the band for uploading this to Bandcamp - at least you don't have to hunt a physical copy down.

Line Up:

Lou Budjoso - Vocals, Bass - See also: ex-Annihilator
Dave Davis - Guitars - See also: ex-Annihilator
Dave "X" Machander - Drums - (R.I.P. 2010) See also: ex-Annihilator (live)


01. You Speak with Lies 04:21
02. Casket for Two 04:31
03. You Live to Take 03:20
04. Left with Nothing 03:17
05. Mmmm... 00:51
06. Out of Your Mind 03:41
07. Travesty of Justice 03:36
08. Institute of Revenge 05:35
09. Nerve Ending 03:45
10. Mouthwired 03:14
11. Laid to Rest 03:51

+ Video "Out Of Your Mind" (Audio Video)

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