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Hard Rock, Melodic Rock , AOR , Blues Rock , Glam & Sleaze Rock , West Coast , Christian Rock
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R.O.X.X. (USA)

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R.O.X.X. - Blind In Vegas (1991-93) (2CD) (Stormspell Records Edition 2014)







Year : 1991-93 (Stormspell Records Edition 2014)
Style : Glam Sleaze Hard Rock
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + scans
Size : 215 mb


Johnny Roxx’s (Aerian Rage, Tarrga, Legend) solo project, also featuring Nikki Jaggz on bass and Stevie Mitchell on drums, delivering classic L.A. metal for fans of W.A.S.P., Malice, Warrior, Keel, Armored Saint, Dokken, Aerian Rage.A demo anthology CD featuring an unreleased EP from 1993 and bunch of 1992 demo tracks.80s Hard rock for fans of WASP, Docken, Keel etc.


Singer / songwriter / guitarist Johnny Roxx did a long run in the ’80s L.A. underground hard rock scene as part of bands Aerian Rage, Tarrga, and Legend. Tarrga did some noise being featured on specialized magazines, recorded 2 demos (1986 + 1988), got songs aired on radio and were close to secure a record contract, but the group disbanded in 1990 with Johnny and drummer Michael Clemens forming their next band Legend.But Johnny Roxx was looking for a more personal sound based in mid-Eighties melodic hard, and formed his own outfit R.O.X.X. They recorded many demos in professional studios between 1991-92, and then a 4-track EP in 1993, self released. Record labels were interest in R.O.X.X., however at the time their brand on melodious hard wasn’t the trend anymore.Californian based reissue label Stormspell Records has compiled all R.O.X.X. recordings into a 2-CD Anthology titled “Blind In Vegas“, and if you dig that classic L.A sound from the era similar to WASP, Keel, Icon, Malice, etc, this is for you.This double disc packs R.O.X.X.’s 4-track EP from 1993 with a second bonus disc crammed full with early ’90s pre-production demo tracks. Sound quality is very good overall, and the band rocks in fine style; check the sample below.

Line Up:

Johnny Roxx - vocals, guitars, keyboards - See also: ex-Legend, ex-Strange Brew, ex-Tarrga, ex-Aerian Rage
Nikki Jaggz - bass, background vocals
Stevie Mitchell - drums - See also: Ozzmania



01. Rock Warriors
02. Tranquilized
03. Flesh & Blood
04. Devil’s Daughter
05. Gates Of Hate
06. Wildest Dreams
07. Rock And Roll Heros
08. T.h.u.n.d.e.r.
09. Gods Of War
10. Main Attraction
11. She’s An Animal
12. Revenge
13. Nasty
14. Cynide


01. Children Of The Night
02. S.I.N.
03. I Believe
04. Wanna Hear It Loud
05. Fires Of Eden
06. I’m Alive
07. Get Up And Down
08. Adrenaline
09. Life Of The Party
10. Out Of Control
11. Stick It To ’em
12. Boyz Toyz
13. Shot Of The Whiskey
14. Fire In The Cellar
15. Only The Strong Will Survive

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Download links for all albums only on our blog here: http://goodmetalandhar.do.am/


Download links for all albums only on our blog here: http://goodmetalandhar.do.am/
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