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Saltatio Mortis (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 11 Nov 2022, 10:03

Saltatio Mortis - Brot & Spiele (2CD) (Limited Deluxe Digipak Edition) (2018)






Year : 2018
Style : Medieval Folk Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 251 mb


Saltatio Mortis is a German medieval metal group. The Latin name means "dance of death".It's an allusion to the Danse Macabre, and a motto of the band is: "He who dances does not die." And then there were eight… A lot has happened in the world of the German gleemen SALTATIO MORTIS, following their successful run with previous release "Des Königs Henker" to number 54 in the German album charts. In autumn 2006, the magnificent seven suffered their first shake-up, as 3 members left the band. Yet not one moment of crisis ensued. On the contrary, refreshed by the creative input of new blood, SALTATIO MORTIS return in 2007 stronger than ever with their latest work "Aus der Asche ("From the Ashes") to prove to the world that Medieval Rock is here to stay.With the new line-up and songs, SALTATIO MORTIS reclaim their style, and according to the first media reactions, present their best work to date. The energetic, authentic sound brilliantly combined with traditional, as well as modern instruments, delivers rhythmic rock riffs that intertwine with the dramatic effect of the bagpipe. Of course, this masterful mix is held together with genuine handcrafted compositions and bold, at times critical, yet always poetic vocals that touch upon mythological, magical, or even autobiographical themes.Once again, Lasterbalk, the lively and well-known eloquent master of ceremonies and drummer is responsible for the ambitious lyrics, which Alea interprets with his charismatic timbre and technical expertise. Alea, on the other hand, and in close cooperation with new member and guitarist Mik El Angelo, takes credit for creating the music, which stays true to band motto, "He who dances, doesn't die."With producer Thomas Heimann-Troisen (In Extremo, Schandmaul) once again at the helm, a new line-up and an increased number of instruments, SALTATIO MORTIS turns its attention to the string section, delivering 13 tracks that cover the wide spectrum between danceable rock songs and emotional ballads, and thus, forging a unique and timeless sound experience filled with lively surprises.In October 2007, SALTATIO MORTIS will hit the clubs for an extended tour that should please their ever-growing army of enthusiastic fans. Not only will SALTATIO MORTIS be present as the leading Medieval Rock band at all Medieval events, but they will also perform their energetic live shows at all the festivals of importance, to include Wave Gothic, Mera Luna, and Burgfolk.


Three years have passed since the last long run of SALTATIO MORTIS. "Circus Zeitgeist" marked a turning point in 2015 for the most successful medieval band. If the themes of the Middle Ages, heroic sagas or horror stories were the center of the textual reflection to date, then, true to the title of the album, they went in the direction of the zeitgeist, which was critically scrutinized. This tendency not only continues unabated on "Bread And Games" but is even increased in intensity."Bread And Games" would mean the total turn of the death dancers to the German rock, if, if not in the deluxe version with the addition "Ad Fontem" the somersault would give back to the roots of the minstrels, the fans of the first albums constantly demand. But more on that later.After the quiet instrumental "A Piece of Immortality", the opus starts with "Big Dreams", which initially continues the theme of the intro to then go into a purebred rock song, in which Campino and cohorts have been godfather and frontman Alea here sounds very vocal after CAMPINO ,"Dorn Im Ohr" continues the chosen approach, goes right to the point and proves that the guys around Mastermind Lasterbalk are anything but honest minnesingers, but the "thorn in the ass of the adapted". A strong piece with hit potential and sing-along factor."Europe" is concerned with the erosion phenomena of the Union and asks all those who do not want to recognize the signs of the times and learned nothing from the rubble of the many wars, the nagging question: "What did you do then - have you cried or laughed ? ". An intense punk rock act that ponders and reminds us of the common ground of a community of values ​​that is decaying. One of the strongest SALTATIO MORTIS tracks ever.With "Lane of Life" the minstrels take a few steps back and deliver a sentimental ballad that addresses the "not begotten child" lasterbalk and describes the conflict of the protagonist, on the one hand leaving a "piece of immortality" to posterity, but on the other hand Child does not want to expect this dark world. Gentle tones that hit the heart. Great.The title track "Bread And Games" addresses the strategy of the leading elites of all centuries, which has been popular since antiquity, to keep the masses amused by appropriate pastimes and culinary delights. That SALTATIO MORTIS in their capacity as an entertainer - albeit unintentionally - is part of this system.But there are also humorous numbers like "Never Again Alcohol" and "Middle Ages", in which various hang-over experiences after drinking nights (possibly in the dragon tavern?) Are processed, the latter with the energetic support of Malte Hoyers (VERSENGOLD) and Mr. Hurley (MR HURLEY & THE POWDER).With "Brunhild" is a title in the set, which deals with the Nibelungensage. Here is deviated from the current German rock approach and plowed a terrain on which for many years the main focus of Lasterbalk and Co. was. As a result, with "Worried Citizens," one in the Twelve of those who fall in the role of Western savior, "lying press," and "betrayal of the Fatherland" are screaming, while either missing the meaning of Goebbell's wording or completely consciously comes to pass."She Dances Alone" closes the actual album, while for the proud owners of the deluxe version it is now time to insert the second CD. Significantly, this bonus CD has the title "Panem Et Circenses - Ad fontem" and this is exactly the kind of swing the musicians perform here in dreamlike security: It goes back to the source and the origin, to the roots of their work.Instrumentation and mix emphasize the turn towards medieval-inspired songs, bagpipe and flute sounds gain the upper hand over electric guitars and rock tattoos. Instrumental pieces in the best SALTATIO MORTIS tradition, which impressively demonstrate the outstanding musical abilities of the band ("Ad Digitum Prurigo", "Dragon Dance", "Amo Lem Ad Nauseam"), along with soulful ballads ("Schon wieder Herbst") , the "Epitaph To A Friend" song established on countless live legends, title in dialect ("Mr. Holkin") and as an absolute highlight of the bonus disc "Tears Of The Devil", which captivates with impressive text.CONCLUSION: As in Chinese philosophy Yin and Yang are inextricably linked and stand for polar opposing yet related forces or principles, SALTATIO MORTIS does not exist without the two principles of their musical orientation. With their new album "Bread And Games" in the Deluxe version, the musicians give the answer to the question of which direction should be taken in the future.

Line Up:

Alea der Bescheidene
Lasterbalk der Lästerliche
Falk Irmenfried von Hasen-Mümmelstein
El Silbador
Bruder Frank
Jean Méchant genannt der Tambour
Luzi das L
Till Promill



01. Ein Stück Unsterblichkeit
02. Große Träume
03. Dorn im Ohr
04. Ich werde Wind
05. Europa
06. Spur des Lebens
07. Brot und Spiele
08. Nie wieder Alkohol
09. Träume aus Eis
10. Mittelalter
11. Brunhild
12. Besorgter Bürger
13. Sie tanzt allein


01. Präludium – Ad fontes
02. Heimdall
03. Drachentanz
04. Schon wieder Herbst
05. Epitaph To A Friend
06. Ad digitum prurigo
07. Herr Holkin
08. Raghs-e-Pari
09. Tränen des Teufels
10. Amo lem ad nauseam
11. Marselha
12. Volta
13. Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker

+ Video "Heimdall" (Official Video)

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