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Naufragant (ARG)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 13 Júl 2022, 06:26

Naufragant - A Short Life (2022)







Year : 2022
Style : Epic Heavy Metal , Pirate Metal
Country : Argentina
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans
Size : 120 mb


Band from Buenos Aires, Argentina.From the raging seas of Argentina, NAUFRAGANT delivers a cannon fire of epic pirate metal like you've never heard before!Despite being influenced by the masters of the genre RUNNING WILD, Naufragant's sound lean towards the symphonic side of metal.Fully embracing the pirate concept on all their songs, the band approached classics novels like Treasure Island & The Black Corsair, as well as real pirate legends like Blackbeard and Black Bart Roberts.


This time we travel to Argentina, home of multiple bands that have managed to excel in the last 20 years within the Heavy / Power Metal genre, among which we can mention RATA BLANCA, IMPERIO, JEZABEL, AZEROTH, BETO VAZQUEZ INFINITY, RENACER, among many others.The band we are going to talk about today is NAUFRAGANT, which is not so new in the scene, as they were previously called SKULL & BONES, having an activity with that name from 2011 to 2015, time that served them to edit a plate in the year 2014 called "The cursed island", which was very influenced by the pirates RUNNING WILD, having that characteristic style of Speed, Power and Heavy Metal, added to it a theme about pirates which they let see from its cover, achieving a degree of recognition, especially in their country.It is from 2015 that they decided to change their name to NAUFRAGANT a name that follows the theme with which they started, and since its inception they offered a Single that they released on the platforms of SoundCloud and YouTube coming out in early 2016, announcing from that moment that they were already starting their work to culminate it until recently and it is until this year that we can finally hear, what for 6 years kept them busy.The band has been affected internally, being reduced to only 2 members that remained from that old formation since 2011, among which we find Tommy Vega who took charge of guitar / bass / backing vocals in company of Franco Tempesta who is in front with vocals and keyboards, the latter taking charge of the music and lyrics, in addition to production, where Tommy was also involved (he was in charge of the mastering part).For this great work that focuses its theme on the book "Il Corsaro Nero" by the writer Emilio Salgari that was originally written in 1898, expressing it in the themes from 1 to 5, which leaves us the sight that again the pirates will approach us and will make prey of our ears with their stories about pirates, The other guest is guitarist Cederick Forsberg from the other pirates BLAZON STONE on the track "On the traitor's trace" and the other one is vocalist Thobias Bjerlo from the band STORMFRUM on the track "A short life".There are 9 pieces that exceed the 50 minutes of duration which has a good sound, that although without reaching the big international productions it shows a clean sound, noticing the influence of RUNNING WILD and BLAZON STONE, with their Power / Speed / Heavy Metal rhythms and a touch of Folk in some pieces, so go on board.

"The oath" - The intro that takes us to imagine with its atmospheres with the sound of the waves in the sea, the waiting for the boarding to this epic adventure and the orchestrations ennoble this opening, making our journey more dramatic.

"The black corsair - We are going to sail the seas, with a riding melody to the rhythm of Heavy / Power Metal, bringing out the influence of RUNNING WILD and BLAZON STONE, adorning this piece with symphonic arrangements, highlighting the epic atmospheres, plus they inject a certain festive air by putting some keyboards with Folk sounds with sound of wind instruments like bagpipes or accordion, adding some choirs, the guitar chords are contagious. A great track to kick things off.

"On the traitor's trace - Tremendous epic power emanates from the guitars that guide us through fast and riding harmonies, joining some accordion-like sounding arrangements, placing that festive touch similar to bands like ALESTORM or BLAZON STONE, the rhythmic base is executed with very fluid rhythm changes in which the double bass drum is appreciated, giving it a very powerful sound. Without a doubt the eloquent and melodic touch that comes out of the guitarist of BLAZON STONE gives it a very special touch with his requinto.

"Of war, hurricanes & bane" - Impressive initial atmosphere created by Franco with the arrangements, a dramatic and epic entrance leads us through emotive melodies and melancholic content, repeating the chorus which is joined by some choruses. A heavy metal melody that gets harder by the second, teaming up with Tommy's requinto.

"The battle for Gibraltar - This is one of the 2 longest tracks on the album, exceeding 8 minutes in length. A very diverse theme in rhythms and nuances, taking us in, mostly in the conduit of Heavy Metal, adorned with symphonic arrangements that mark atmospheres, in company of choirs, ambiences created with sounds of battles, the rhythm changes flow becoming progressive at times. Finishing with this cut the work of the story of "The black corsair".

"A short life - When this track begins, it gives the feeling that we are dealing with another band, as the sound and even the style show a difference. Piece that offers a direction towards classic Heavy Metal, the riffs sound melodic, the rhythmic base discreet and some symphonic arrangements accentuate the harmony making it more melodic, the voice of Thobias Bjerlo from STORMFRUN is the determining factor to give us that touch.

"Hoist the colours" - Things return to their place to give way to another festive and epic tinged track at the same time. Franco's approach to his singing plays a transcendent role in guiding us through RUNNING WILD-like rhythms, the dynamics guide us through different melodies by offering us changes of rhythm, going from the most intense ones to atmospheres with acoustic guitars and others with symphonic arrangements.

"Pirate Blood - Another piece of Classic Heavy Metal that is embellished with some symphonic arrangements, of a more original style, in my opinion Franco does very well within this style, singing harmoniously, giving enough screams to reach the climax. It's a good track, however here it's noticeable that the production is not enough to give us a good sound.

"Blackbeard" - Second track of the longest and chosen to close this adventure about pirates. And well as expected it's full of rhythm changes and nuances that enrich its atmosphere, cementing its style within Heavy Metal with symphonic arrangements that induce an epic and glorious atmosphere, mid tempo and slow rhythms (created with acoustic guitars) Franco's voice is seductive in some verses, a spectacular closing. And without a doubt both musicians show a very high level of professionalism in composition and instrumental execution.


Franco Tempesta - Vocals (lead), Keyboards (2015-present) - See also: ex-Skull & Bones
Tommy Vega - Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing) (2015-present) - See also: ex-Skull & Bones


All music & lyrics by Franco Tempesta.
Track 6 co-written by Franco Schiavone and Franco Tempesta.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tommy Vega.
Produced by Tommy Vega & Franco Tempesta.
Artwork by Aldo “Valgorth” Requena for Hammerblaze.


01. The Oath 01:16 instrumental
02. The Black Corsair 06:53
03. On the Traitor's Trace 06:40
04. Of War, Hurricanes & Bane 06:15
05. The Battle for Gibraltar 08:45
06. A Short Life 04:04
07. Hoist the Colours 05:06
08. Pirate Blood 04:40
09. Blackbeard 08:44

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