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Donor (CZ)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 22 Júl 2022, 09:40

Donor - Devět Křížů (2022)







Year : 2022
Style : Melodic Heavy Metal , Melodic Power Metal
Country : Czech Republic
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 175 mb


Czech heavy metal band from Vsetín.Formed at 2012. DONOR is a power metal band from Wallachia, whose popularity is still growing. The band has already managed to embed itself in the memory of fans with its very distinctive style and overall concept of metal music. Their songs are based on imaginative guitar riffs, which are largely supported by multi-voiced choirs. An important part of it are the Czech sung lyrics.DONOR are very melodic and at the same time very versatile. Visitors to a concert of this band will always find something to their liking. Although the band's basic and most widespread style is power metal, the band is not afraid to venture into other branches of hard music. In their ten years of existence, they have already gained two singles, successful music videos, many enthusiastic fans and, most importantly, two albums. With the second album, DEVĚT KŘÍŽŮ (2022), the band established its position at festivals across the country.


I used to slightly complain that the Czech power metal scene is rather poor, in terms of quantity. A few years have passed and the situation seems to be slowly turning around, even in terms of quality. The second album of DONOR from Vsetín, a band that I had ignored until now out of ignorance, enriches the scene. "Nine Crosses" presents DONOR as a rather original band with a clear and legible approach from the genre - not avant-garde by any means, but still pleasantly fresh and imaginative, based on melodic classics with origins in HELLOWEEN and others. In the case of DONOR, the bet more or less on safety has definitely paid off, I don't consider not going into bigger actions and skillfully using the known means to the fullest in this case as a poop against the wall.For most of the songs from "Nine Crosses" the band made lyric videos (here I'm not so sure if the videos I found come directly from the band, but they are nice), the title track got a full-fledged video. This would fit a much harsher song, the slaughter of the newlyweds and wedding party is such a contemporary loose take on real tragic events from the late 16th century. The visuals for the songs fit without any problems and I have perhaps never seen videos for one album in this quantity...interesting...Despite the fact that "Nine Crosses" didn't come as a major surprise to me in terms of its treatment, it's already considerably different with its grasp of the traditional formula. DONOR have a very solid compositional potential and you can see it on the songs, I mean hear it. The excellent sound and production benefits the album greatly, the perfection is just enough to keep the music from evaporating all the life out of the music. This is unfortunately a common affliction of modern productions, killing all distinctiveness in favor of perfection and generic monotony. It makes me quite happy that I don't have to crunch typified plastic and enjoy catchy melodies without looking at a glossy shopping mall. DONOR retain a casual warmth and personal cordiality that suits the record incredibly well. Of course, if I dig deeper into the album, I find a few things to spin on beyond the stream of critical statements to the effect that it lacks a little something in lyrics, melody construction, and form used hundreds of times. Those who want to find, will certainly find. If there is no obvious problem, it can be easily created. However, these are small things, on the whole relegated to the background."Nine Crosses" as a singable and without pejorative meaning hit album does not suffer from significant qualitative fluctuations. The captivating atmosphere and the peculiar elegance of the melodies are kept at a very interesting level, the melodica caresses rather than pulls down and pleasantly caresses the soul, here I see one of the main assets and the strongest level of the band's uniqueness. Melodies across the whole album don't suffer from pretentiousness, they are as spontaneous and naturally catchy as possible, Sherlock would look for intrusiveness and even he wouldn't find much. It doesn't matter that Pranic doesn't chase novel approaches, what "Nine Crosses" lacks in progressiveness it amply makes up for in ease of expression and imaginative songwriting.

Line Up:

Josef Fritschka - Vocals (lead)
Mira Šipula - Bass, Vocals
Karel Hajdík - Guitars, Vocals
Michal Banovský - Guitars, Vocals - See also: Intolerance
Miroslav Husek - Guitars (2020-present)
Roman Mužikovský - Drums


Mastered By – Roland Grapow
Performer – Donor
Recorded By, Mixed By – Michal Banovský


01. Lovec duší 04:26
02. Utopia 05:02
03. Devět křížů 03:59
04. Až jednou 03:50
05. Nemám strach 04:07
06. Marie Antoinetta 04:56
07. Divoká řeka 04:06
08. Lež je strach 05:43
09. Proč 03:35
10. Posel smrti 06:26

+ Video "Devět křížů" (Official Video)

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