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Alien - Cosmic Fantasy (EP) (1983)

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Alien - Cosmic Fantasy (EP) (1983)






Year : 1983
Style : Glam Hard Rock , Melodic Heavy Metal
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + scans + Audio Videos
Size : 62 mb


Frank "Starr" Casamassina - Musician...a native of Long Island, New York, Starr was born Frank Casamassina. Known for his rough attitude and bulliness Starr was the son of a former biker, and a somewhat biker himself. In the 1980s, he signed a record deal with the Mongol Horde Record Label with his band, 'Alien.' The group included Starr who was lead singer, guitarist Brian Fair, guitarist Rikki Kristi, bass player Damien The Beast Bardot, and drummer Roxann Harlow. They released the 1983 album, "Alien-Cosmic Fantasy," and the recordings, 'Space Prelude,' Star Lover,' 'Headbangin,' and 'Don't Say Goodbye.' In 1984, the band disbanded and Starr moved to Los Angeles, California, to pursue further interests in music. It was there that he along with guitarist Richie Pagano, guitarist J.J. Kristi, and bassist/band leader reformed a musical group called, 'Sin.' The group were notorious thanks to Frank's 'Smart-Ass New York attitude' and Fox's friendship. The two became known as 'The Soul Brothers.' The band soon added other members inclding drummer Mark Anthony Bencachea, and soon became a top touring band in and around Los Angeles, California. The group were named 'The Top drawing heavy metal/hard rock act' by the Los Angeles, California, based Music Connection Magazine for 1984. The band's widespread success soon landed in Europe and Japan, and although they began to record demos for there album, Frank left the group to tour with the group, 'The Four Horsemen.' Starr had also been a member of the groups, Bone Angel, Bootleg, Pirate, and L.A.M.F. The group 'The Four Horsemen' originally formed in Hollywood, California, in 1987, with Haggis, lead guitarist Dave Lizmi, bassist, Ben Pape, and drummer Ken 'Dimwit' Montgomery, before Starr became a permanent member in 1988. The group toured and performed until they released there debut full-length album, "Nobody Said It Was Easy" in 1991, on the Def American Record Label. The group became notorious for there drug use and constant run-ins with the law, and in 1991, Starr was sentenced to prison for drug use. The following year Starr again landed in prison for a maximum term of one year. Following his release from prison, the group talked about a possible comeback, but on September 27, 1994, tragedy struck when Ken 'Dimwit' Montgomery succumbed to a heroin overdose. The tragedy was to much for some members and both Haggis and Pape quit the group soon afterwards. The remaining band continued on though adding a new bassist and drummer, and releasing there next album, "Gettin' Pretty Good At Barely Gettin' By.' In November 1995, tragedy struck the group again when Starr was hit by a drunk driver while out riding his motorcycle down Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Starr survived, but suffered severe and massive head injuries, and in a coma. Despite the accident the band continued to tour in support of there album. By 1998, though the band had enough and eventually disbanded. On June 18, 1999, Starr passed away form his injuries at the age of 41. He had never woken up from his coma. The 'Four Horsemen' recordings include, 'Welfare Boogie,' 'Shelly,' '75 Again,' 'Homesick Blues,' 'What The Hell Went Wrong,' and 'Back In Business Again.' Following his death Starr was given a big sendoff by fans, friends, and family alike. Alien is Heavy Metal ain't rocket science, and with Cosmic Fantasy, New York's ALIEN succinctly drive that point home. The band's moniker and intergalactic themed lyrics are diametrically at odds with their street-rockin' knuckle-draggin' brand of KISS-ish everyman's Metal. Nothing about ALIEN's sound is futuristic or otherworldly, but that don't mean it ain't fun. Sure it won't make the earth stand still, but it's got the right stuff if glammy semi-commercial wannabe cosmic Metal is yer thing.


Cosmic Fantasy is one of the few records out there bearing the logo of coolly-named Mongol Horde Records, a small n’ short-lived early/mid-‘80s NY label made relevant due to some involvement with Virgin Steele. It was a label that on the surface seemed to be going for this sort of flashily-dressed, L.A.-style rock/metal hybrid that Big Apple bands Alien and Takashi emulated, meanwhile at this time the god of goof, Thor, was at most a barely-known ‘70s reject.Yeah, the look here is vibrantly glammy that dabbles in a little more otherworldliness to befit their name, however once these guys (and gal, with drummer Roxann Harlow) strap on or sit behind their stuff, the presumed Revlon traits are wiped away, at least to a point. In fact, only one arguable dud is found whimpering on this four-tracker (six if you count purposeless, waste of keyboard electricity “Space Prelude” and odd side two reprise of the title cut). Yep, “Don’t Say Goodbye” with its interactive multi-gender back n’ forth (played by vocalist Frank Starr and, I guess, Harlow) culminating in a sissy-steppin’, White Lion-slush chorus is the ep’s dead spot kicking off side two, their obvious hit-status stab that woulda been the a-side of their single had one been threaded.The rest is thankfully better; solid metal bereft of most hand-kiss moments and pucker-up syndrome, the back-end of a formula which would find closer comradery with Cloven Hoof, Aragorn, label-mates Takashi, and maybe early TT Quick had Starr’s high register vocals manned down a bit to contend. “Star Lover” and the title cut are lively and worth their groove time, meanwhile aggressive “Headbangin’” hardens up a gait speed metal could jump on almost seamlessly to ride and not feel bored.Kinda like fellow New Yorkers Sinful, their sound is more serious than their look, and to a degree that’s congruent to the band’s minor league lone ep status, we may as well thank whatever stars Alien had in mind.A bit of drama and tragedy has befallen this inconsequential five-piece over the years. Bassist Damien “The Beast” Bardot was charged with murder in Florida during a botched robbery, meanwhile Mr. Starr fronted The Four Horsemen until ’95 when he was killed by a drunk driver after lapsing into a coma for four years.

Line Up:

Frank "Starr" Casamassina - Vocals - (R.I.P. 1999) (See also: ex-Mad Reign, ex-Sin, ex-The Four Horsemen) - Starr was hit by a drunk driver while out riding his motorcycle down Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California.
Damien "The Beast" Bardot (R.I.P. 2012) - Bass - In 1987 Bardot was sentenced to death in Florida for murdering a so-called friend of his in the guy's apartment. He claimed his innocence for 26 years on the row (personally I think he was guilty as hell - I read the court transcripts), but died of cancer.
Brian Fair - Guitars - See also: ex-Hittman
Rikk Kristi - Guitars
Roxann Harlow - Drums


01. Space Prelude 1:47
02. Cosmic Fantasy 3:35
03. Star Lover 2:58
04. Headbangin' 4:07
05. Don't Say Goodbye 4:43
06. Cosmic Fantasy 3:35

+ 2 Audio Videos

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