Sea Hags (USA)

Hard Rock, Melodic Rock , AOR , Blues Rock , Glam & Sleaze Rock , West Coast , Christian Rock
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Sea Hags (USA)

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Sea Hags - Sea Hags (1989) (Rock Candy Remastered 2007)







Year : 1989 (Rock Candy Remastered 2007)
Style : Glam Rock , Hard Rock
Country : United States
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 158 mb


Sleaze metal legends that were burned out after one album and tour. Their manager once stated, "there's only so far you can get with three junkies and one alcoholic," words that would later prove too be true.Formed in San Francisco, California by Ron Yocom (vocals/guitar), Chris Schlosshardt (bass) and Greg Langston (drums). Metallica's Kirk Hammett produced their demo, and Ian Astbury of the Cult showed interest in producing the full-length debut. However it would Mike Clink (who had just scored big with Guns N'Roses) who would try and harness the bands music. During the recordings, session guitarist Kevin Russell was brought in and Langston replaced by ex-Legal Weapon skin-pounder Adam Maples. Frankie Wilsey was named the permanent lead guitarist in November 1988. The debut album and tour was postponed due to Yocom and Schlosshardt's drug indulgences, and the label helped them get clean before sending them out to promote the album. However it was short-lived, as Schlosshardt died of a heroin overdose in 1991, thus ending the legacy of the Sea Hags. Maples almost replaced Steven Adler in Guns N'Roses, and Wilsey (using the surname of Wilsex) joined Stephen Pearcy and Fred Coury in Arcade. After disappearing for several years, Yocom finally resurfaced in the band Power Of 3. Self-destruction at it's best.


‘The new Guns N’Roses‘.That bold statement is displayed prominently in this reissue of the self-titled debut album by ill-fated band the Sea Hags. The comparisons are easy to draw, and the band does nothing to refute them, even going so far as to hire the Gunners’ engineer to produce their first record. Digging even deeper, drummer Adam Maples was rumored to replace Guns N’Roses drummer Steven Adler, although it did not materialize. On first listen, the band does indeed sound something like Motley Crue at their druggiest, borrowing Slash‘s very best Joe Perry licks from the Appetite For Destruction record. And you know what? That’s not a bad thing. These Seattle boys (by way of San Francisco) keep it rocking from start to finish, only simmering down for the smoky instrumental “Bunkbed Creek”. Ron Yocom‘s voice drips sleaze and guitarist Frankie Wilsey slithers his way through these eleven ass-kicking tracks. Yup, the first listen revealed no problems. Repeat listens, however, are not as kind. Well, they’re still pretty damn kind in this case, but there are a few nitpicks to be made. First off, the boys have no clue as to how to end a song. Every song fades out, and if it doesn’t it leads right into the next one. This is only a small problem, but with the exception of the aforementioned “Bunkbed Creek”, this album does not slow down. The songs can start to blend together. This leads right into the next problem: the Sea Hags has a great sound, but they can’t hold a candle to A-list sleaze bands. Time may have changed that, but the band’s self-destructive nature caught up with them. Bassist Chris Schlosshardt overdosed on heroin in 1991, two years after this, their only album, and the story of the Sea Hags was over. Still, this record is still around for your listening pleasure. Despite a few minor faults, it should be a sleaze classic – debauchery and decadence at its finest. With time they could have evolved into an even better band, but, as their manager Chris Coyle stated, “There is only so far you can get with three junkies and one alcoholic.” Not quite the new Guns N’Roses, but the Sea Hags were fine the way they were.

Line Up:

Ron Yocom – vocals and guitar
Frankie Wilsey – guitar
Chris Schlosshardt – bass and vocals
Adam Maples – drums

Additional Musicians:

Kevin Russell – guitar


Produced and engineered by Mike Clink


01. Back to the Grind
02. Someday
03. Three's a Charm
04. Miss Fortune
05. Doghouse
06. Too Much T-Bone
07. Bunkbed Creek
08. In the Mood for Love
09. Half the Way Valley
10. All the Time
11. Under the Night Stars
12. Doghouse (Demo) (Bonus Tracks)
13. Half The Way Valley (Demo) (Bonus Tracks)

+ Video "Half the Way Valley" (Official Video)

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