Winterstorm (GER)

Power Metal , Symphonic Metal , Opera Metal
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Winterstorm (GER)

Príspevokod užívateľa Horex » 10 Aug 2019, 11:29

Winterstorm - Cube Of Infinity (Digipak Edition) (2016)






Year : 2016
Style : Power Metal , Folk Metal
Country : Germany
Audio : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
Size : 180 mb


By now fourth album storm Winter Storm since 2010 successfully the power metal scene and at the latest when the third work "Cathyron" have managed also to obtain the five musicians international recognition, frequently with greats such as Blind Guardian or Rhapsody are compared. The rapid development of the troops was underlined with the gig at Wacken 2012 and slot the Heidenfest tour, 2013. So Winter Storm apply in many reviews (insofar as one as Metalfan nothing against melodious sounds has) as the new German power metal-hope. The aim of the band it has always been, with their passion for their music to draw the fans in its spell and together to storm the metal Walhalla. Here is the speech that brings with its mix of styles a fresh wind in the metal scene, not only for die-hard metal fans met with enthusiasm by far and yet does not forget his roots from a band. The focus is very clear in Winter Storm the melody, which, inter alia, reflected in catchy heavy choruses and many polyphonic chants. Here striking elements of different metal styles merge and get a whole new meaning. "Winter" is fast power metal which shine with epic and orchestral metal in a new shine for the Nordic Viking and folk metal, "Storm". All in all, an explosive mixture, come at the fans from young to old at their expense. So then, raises the horns and pulls up warm - winter storm is coming!


Something huge is gathering in Franconia! Since their first storm warning in 2008, WINTERSTORM sent their heavy squalls made out of winter-like Folk and stormy Power Metal through the metal scene three times already. Starting with the grand and widely celebrated debut album “A coming Storm”, continuing with the even more enthralling “Kings Will Fall” and culminating in the hitherto climax in form of the concept album (and debut for Noise Art) “Cathyron”, WINTERSTORM easily made their name known, extravagating all genre borders. Shows on Wacken Open Air (2012), the Heidenfest tour (2013) or as support for Van Canto (2014) are only some of the live highlights in the band‘s history and confirm that WINTERSTORM have been an inherent part of the local scene for years.Fans had to be patient for over two years for WINTERSTORM to conjure the Nordic Gods again in order to put out another melodic, yet raging milestone in the band‘s history. “Cube Of Infinity” offers everything that fans and critics love about WINTERSTORM: great anthems, fantastic songwriting, and singer Alexander Schirmer‘s voice that is beyond comparison, but also plenty of intense, many-voiced singing.But “Cube Of Infinity” also shows that WINTERSTORM by far haven‘t reached the end of their journey. Once more, their highly diversified songs lure the listeners into a Fantasy World that becomes a thrilling adventure thanks to the high quality of the musical background. Catchy rhythms, enthralling melodies, and elating refrains make “Cube Of Infinity” a model of how Power Metal should sound in the year of 2016... that will fascinate not only fans of bands such as Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, and Orden Ogan.WINTERSTORM again skillfully succeed in uniting Folk elements and Power Metal to form a unique and kitsch-free mixture of their own.”Cube Of Infinity” is in schedule to offer a cooling summer storm in the heat of August, drying the sweat of fans all around the world with a huge portion of passion and fresh wind.

Line Up:

Peter Cerveny Bass - See also: ex-Circle of Grief
Michi Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Armin Guitars (lead), Vocals (backing)
Max Keyboards
Alexander Schirmer Vocals
Sebastian "Sebb" Albrecht Vocals, Drums - See also: ex-Circle of Grief


01. Infectious 01:45
02. Pacts of Blood and Might 06:38
03. In Clarity 04:30
04. Secrets and Lies 04:02
05. Effects of Being 05:27
06. Through the Storm 04:22
07. Cube of Infinity 05:07
08. Frozen Awakening 06:33
09. Timeshift 04:38
10. Hymn of Solitude 04:11

+ Video "Timeshift" (Official Video)

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